The Circuit Breaker Panel

Do you know what to do when a circuit breaker trips?


First, Do a visual check to see what electrical devices is being powered from that circuit.


Second, Unplug any electrical devices plugged into that ciruit, if there is any lights on the ciruit shut them off as well.


Third, Find out what ciruit is in the "tripped" positon. In most circuit breaker panels the "on" circuit breakers will face inward, simply find the one in the "middle" postion, switch the ciruit breaker toward the outward direction(off), then switch the circuit breaker back towards the inward direction(on). Plug electrical devices in,and turn on lights.


IMPORTANT, if circuit breaker forces itself back to the "tripped" postion call an electrician to trouble shoot and repair the electrical circuit.

*Jusczak Electric reminds you that the best way to protect your family and your home against the risk of electrical fires and electrocution is to hire a qualified , licensed electrician to perform any electrical work in your home.